KLLG Thanks Our Listeners and Supporters!!!

KLLG-LP @ 97.9 FM

Here’s a list of our current KLLG Program Schedule for the Little Lake Valley:

During other hours, listen to The Mixx!, a blend of memorable music that reflects the diversity of the Little Lake Valley.


Join your radio station with your own unique program! Learn how at our FREE 5-hour class, HOW TO PRODUCE A SHOW ON KLLG, offering you the basic knowledge and skills you need to be a DJ programmer. Contact Program Manager Michelle Cummins at 707-972-1601 for more information.

How can you participate in Willits Hometown Radio? Please consider joining KLLG Supporters as an Individual ($30/year), Family ($45/year), or as a Senior, a Student, or a Grange member ($20/year). Simply select your level of participation and press the SUBSCRIBE button below to start your membership using our secure PayPal account. (You don’t have to be a PayPal member; most debit or credit cards are accepted.) Feeling more generous? Use the DONATE button below for your donation of any amount. And please accept our “Thank You!” for your help in giving Willits a voice in our local community.