KLLG Weekly Shows


6am Mendo Mtn Grass
8am ShortWave report episode
8:30am Radio Curious episode
10am Word Buffet with Linda Posner
11am Baby Talk
1pm Willits Charter High
2pm YSO (Youth Speaks Out)
3pm Not So Eclectic Mega Mix
6pm floydianslip.com
8pm BiPolar Express
9pm Memory Lane


1am Low Down replay
7am For The Wild episode
8am Memory Lane
11am Farm and Reefer Report
1pm Mendo Mountain Grass Encore
3pm Youth Speaks Out
4pm Willits Smooth Lounge
5pm Kozmic Blues
6pm Radioactive Blues encore w/Les Tar


5am Memory Lane (encore)
8am For the Dogs (Living with your Dog)
10am Reality Check (encore)
12pm Authors Spotlight encore
1pm Live From The Blue Wing
2pm GRANGE Show
3pm ShortWave Report
3:30pm Radio Curious
4pm Not So Eclectic Mega Mix
6pm floydianslip.com
7pm Authors Spotlight encore
8:30pm MacAmergin’s Tales


5am Memory Lane
9am Word Buffet (replay)
10am Authors Spotlight
11am For The Wild episode
1pm Kozmic Blues
2pm Joey DJ Mash-Up 80’s-90’s and more
4pm Talk About It
5pm A Little Bit of Country
8pm Riparian Roots with Big Jim


7am MacAmergins Tales Encore
10am BiPolar Express
11am Baby Talk
1pm TUC Radio
2pm Remember The Revolution
3pm Farm and Reefer Report
4pm Mendo Mountain Grass
5pm Willits Smooth Lounge
6pm Willits Community Theater Variety Show
8pm Little Bit of Country (encore)


7am Farm & Reefer Report
9am GRANGE Show
10am YSO (youth speaks out)
2pm Not So Eclectic Mega Mix
4pm Kozmic Blues
5pm Shortwave Report
5:30pm Radio Curious
7pm Memory Lane
9pm Radioactive Blues with Les Tarr


1am Not So Eclectic Mega Mix
6am Live, from the Blue Wing
10:30am TUC Radio
1pm A Little Bit of Country
3pm For The Wild
4pm Low Down
5pm Remember The Revolution
6pm MacAmergins Tales Encore
8pm WCT Variety
10pm BiPolar Express


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